THEMES Summer School 2019

Density variations and isotopic composition of tree-rings: methods and applications in paleoclimatology.
1 to 5th of March 2019

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Over the last decades, the field of dendroclimatology has been enriched with new approaches based on the measurement of Blue Intensity (BI) parameters and Stable Isotopes ratios in tree-rings. These approaches, which have proved to be very efficient for reconstructing climate, attract growing numbers of students and young researchers. However very few Universities or Research centres provide systematic courses on different aspects of these developing fields in South America. The THEMES summer school is an intensive 4-day course that fills this gap providing a coherent series of lectures on BI and Carbon and Oxygen isotopes in tree-rings.

List of applications received

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The school will be hosted at the Austral University of Chile, in Valdivia. A beautiful city of south of Chile, located at the confluence of the Calle-Calle, Valdivia, and Cau-Cau Rivers, approximately 840 km from Santiago.


Will be delivered by both renowned and young-upcoming researchers in the field. A set of pedagogical lectures in their areas of expertise will be provided, highlighting recent developments as well as a comprehensive introduction and overview in two successive stages: one devoted to BI (March 1-2) and one devoted to Stable Isotopes (March 4-5).